Grammy-Winning Artist Bad Bunny Enters The MCU As El Muerto

Image: Eric Rojas

Puerto Rican singer and performer Bad Bunny is set to become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being cast as El Muerto in an upcoming project from the powerhouse franchise.

For the 28 year old, the role is big for a number of reasons. One, Bad Bunny (moniker of Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio), becomes the first Latinx actor to lead a live-action Marvel film. Two, the character of El Muerto – a wrestler who gains superpowers through his ancestors – links Bad Bunny with his love for the sport.

Having already appeared at WrestleMania37 in 2021 and at this year’s Royal Rumble, Bad Bunny is a bonafide fan, so this must have been a no brainer.

Check out some of his WWE highlights below:

The Grammy winning artist made the announcement at CinemaCon in the U.S. this week, where the El Muerto standalone film has been announced as scheduled for a 2024 release.

“To bring El Muerto to life is just incredible … so exciting,” he said.

The character of El Muerto and his entry into the ever-widening MCU also fleshes out the Spiderverse, adding to the growing list of Spidey-adjacent films in the making. These include Tom Hardy’s Venom films, Jared Leto’s Morbius and the forthcoming movies starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson (Kraven The Hunter) and Dakota Johnson (Madame Web).

Bad Bunny – aside from being the globe’s most popular musician on Spotify two years running – has been getting into acting as well, appearing on Narcos: Mexico and the forthcoming projects Bullet Train (starring Brad Pitt) and Cassandro (with Gael Garcia Bernal).

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