Island Of Love Share Indie Pop Fizzer ‘At Home’

New EP ‘Songs Of Love’ is incoming…

Island Of Love have shared their new single ‘At Home’.

The band are the first signings to Third Man’s London based wing, with their debut EP ‘Songs Of Love’ landing on Friday (March 18th).

A vinyl edition follows, and the songwriting moves from punchy, Strokes-esque indie pop through to scuzzy Lemonheads reference points.

New single ‘At Home’ is a rattling guitar pop hymn, an indie fizzer that puts us in mind of Guided By Voices.

The band’s Linus Munch had the following to say about ‘At Home’:

“The song was inspired by two things: being sent home from work at the start of the pandemic and a conversation with Karim about how there aren’t enough indie tunes with D-beats. If either of those sound familiar to you then this should be right up your alley…”

Ben Chappell directs the video, which offers 100 seconds of lo-fi fun in a bowling alley.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit:Alisha Brocklebank

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