Jamie Lenman Releases Infectious New Track ‘Talk Hard’


A new chapter. A new sound. The same brilliant Jamie Lenman.

Jamie Lenman

has made his return with a new track, and it’s bound to get stuck in your head. We can guarantee it.

The tune is called ‘Talk Hard’ and finds Jamie dialling in on his incredible songwriting pedigree to produce what is just a brilliant rock song. 

It’s vibrant, insatiable catchy and brimming with life-affirming joy. 

It’s really lovely.

Jamie had this to say about it:

“I’ve been trying for a long time to do something a bit more melodic, and Talk Hard is the first flowering of that. People tell me they can hear Weezer in there which is great as they’ve always been heroes of mine, particularly the first two albums.”

“Lyrically it’s about standing up for yourself, for making sure that your voice is heard by people you feel are ignoring you—be that your friends, your family, your boss or even your government. It’s about encouraging and empowering people, standing behind them and lending them your support. Very positive, after all the negative feelings from King Of Clubs.”

Let’s go then:

And just as a way to show just how the mood of this song differs from what he has been working on before, here is ‘King Of Clubs’, which we spoke to him all about HERE:

Link to the source article – https://www.rocksound.tv/news/read/jamie-lenman-releases-infectious-new-track-talk-hard

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