John Medeski and Billy Martin to Open for Snarky Puppy at The Beacon Theatre

john medeski-and-billy martin-to-open-for-snarky-puppy-at-the-beacon-theatre

January 25, 2023

John Medeski and Billy Martin to Open for Snarky Puppy at The Beacon Theatre

Today, it was announced that MAGO, a duo comprised of John Medeski and Billy Martin, would open for the beloved musical collective Snarky Puppy, which sometimes swells to 19 members, during their stop at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on April 13.

The event–presented by Groupup Music, CEG & Dayglo Presents–will be in celebration of Snarky Puppy’s latest offering, Empire Central, one of the most carefully sculpted records in their catalog, which they’ll be showcasing across North America. The full tour will serve as a conscious effort to celebrate Snarky Puppy’s roots, taming some of their more experimental flourishes while letting the grooves ride.

“There’s never been a song written for Snarky Puppy that sounded how the composer intended by the time it was done,” Snarky Puppy’s Michael League told Relix. “There are too many opinions and producers and good ideas. It would almost be a pity if we played a song exactly like someone wrote it. It’s a waste. That’s what makes the band special—the moment when everybody throws their own sauce into the stew.”

The addition of Medeski and Martin to the evening perfectly aligns with Snarky Puppy’s recipe of allowing music to live in the in-between while redefining and improving upon it from sheer skill and passion. The duo are renowned for their style, influenced by musical traditions including funk and hip-ho–much like Snarky Puppy–and are known for a unique and unconventional style often described as “avant-groove.”

Tickets for Snarky Puppy’s stop at the Beacon Theatre are on sale now. Learn more and find tickets here.

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