John Summit consummates ‘Off The Grid Records’ with first release, ‘In Chicago’278c4a 058c00d4186e42d08c82175b848c63b7 Mv2

by: Rachel Narozniak

May 13, 2022

I’m drunk, I’m high, and I’m in Chicago.

With the official release of long-teased ID “In Chicago,” Off The Grid Records is now, officially, on the grid.

As John Summit‘s next Beatport No. 1 percolates, it’s all too fitting that the tribute to his home city materializes as Off The Grid‘s inaugural release. Though Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year touted Off The Grid as a bustling hub of “all things house [and] techno” when he announced the label’s launch in late March, “In Chicago” further shapes the tone of the underground sound to come out of Off The Grid. From first to final second and standard to extended mix, “In Chicago” is decidedly club-minded. Outfitted with a blistering bassline, “In Chicago” can be expected to increasingly tantalize sweltering underground venues as a new era of Summit sound loads—one that’s piping hot to the touch, and poised to be increasingly inescapable.

Stream “In Chicago” below and read Dancing Astronaut‘s Q&A on Off The Grids Records here.

Featured image: Luis Colato

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