Kanika Moore to Play Final Motwon Throwdown at Charleston Pour House


Today, it was announced that powerhouse vocalist Kanika Moore announced that this Sunday will mark her final performance with Motown Throwdown at the Charleston Pour House in Charleson, N.C. Moore’s presence has been a staple at the venue for years.

“Join us today for @kanikamooresings last official Sunday with @motownthrowdownmusic – Kanika is focusing her efforts to touring full time these days, bringing her gift to the world,” the venue shared on Instagram. “Come bid her a warm farewell! We love you, Kay!”

Moore’s presence at the venue is what helped her become involved with her band Doom Flamingo, and since her star’s rise to prominence gave way to other touring efforts. She’ll now focus fully on Doom Flamingo and other touring efforts, which include her presence with TAUK in TAUK Moore and with the Disco Biscuits.

See the post in regards to Moore’s new direction below.

Link to the source article – https://jambands.com/news/2023/11/20/kanika-moore-to-play-final-motwon-throwdown-at-charleston-pour-house/

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