Kayleigh Noble Goes For A Walk In The Woods With Her ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’

Tune in now…

Kayleigh Noble has shared her new single ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’.

Out now, it follows a string of zesty releases from the vocalist, who blends a penchant for R&B with a neat line in alt-pop tropes.

‘Only One’ – her single with Clu – took Kayleigh’s name to new heights, and she follows it with ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’.

A slinky return, her vocal traces the path of a dreamy romance, a playful take on the trials and tribulations of her own dating life.

An alt-pop bouncer with soulful appeal, ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’ comes equipped with visuals from director Tadhg McDonogh Cunningham, which feature Kayleigh Noble going for a walk in the woods.

She comments…

“I dated, I messed up and was a little heartbroken. As of now, I know in my head I want to stay single and keep growing and learning about myself, but I’m such a hopeless romantic and that always distracts me. I can be a mess, I’m owning it, but I’m also growing from it. I’ve accepted that I’m a hot mess.”

Tune in now.

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Link to the source article – https://www.clashmusic.com/videos/kayleigh-noble-goes-for-a-walk-in-the-woods-with-her-imaginary-boyfriend

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