KESH Intends ‘Not Gaan Out’ To Be A Form Of Healing

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Musician, producer, and story teller KESH has never intended for her music to exist on one level.

Someone who experiences life in a very intimate way, KESH wants her music to eclipse all that, and locate some form of catharsis.

New single ‘Not Gaan Out’ is a case in point. Bracketed as ‘deconstructed’, it’s a means to break down her feelings and find a forward path.

Daring electronics, KESH utilises space almost as an instrument in itself, capturing a dub-like sense of emptiness.

The visuals feature KESH – overlaid with echo images – performing a dance routine, using the expressive nature of her body to get her message across.

It’s a vivid, often startling watch, with KESH refusing to allow the clip to replicate itself at any point. She comments…

“Dance is a form of healing so I created this work to be used as a method to release stagnant energy and align the body with a series of vibrations that allows us to be in the present moment.”

“The selection of muses were chosen to display multiple walks of life and how they move so differently to the same beat. The intention is to display coexistence and unification as well as the beauty of individuality and uniqueness.”

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