Kid Cudi Stars in the Trailer for Ti West’s ‘X’: Watch


Never trust a scary-looking farmhouse. A24 released a trailer for the upcoming horror film X on Wednesday (Jan. 12) starring Kid Cudi.

Directed by Ti West, the sinister film follows a 1970s film crew to an isolated farmhouse in Texas where they’re set to shoot an erotic movie. However, the group — which includes Cudi (billed using his birth name, Scott Mescudi), Brittany Snow, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson and Mia Goth — quickly learn that elderly couple hosting them have rather creepy intentions.

“My wife Pearl is next door, so I would appreciate a little discretion,” the old man tells the gang when they arrive, only later adding rather ominously, “My wife is not well; it happens after dark.” (“That’s one ugly son of a b—h,” Cudi quips upon meeting the group’s host.)

Now exactly what happens after dark remains unclear, but it seems to run the gamut from the sexual (“That woman was in my bed touching me!” one girl screams as a naked Pearl flees her bedroom) to the outright deadly (plenty of bloody axes and shrieking faces populate the second half of the clip).

X is set to premiere in theaters on March 18 and follows West’s previous horror romps like 2009’s The House of the Devil, 2012’s V/H/S and 2013’s The Sacrament. Last year he also helmed two episodes of the Lena Waithe-produced anthology Them on Amazon Prime Video.

The fright fest also arrives on the heels of Cudi’s autobiographical documentary A Man Named Scott, as well as his appearance in Netflix’s smash apocalyptic comedy Don’t Look Up opposite Ariana Grande.

Brace yourself and watch the full trailer for X below.

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