Klangstof Transform ‘Ocean View’ In This Exhilarating Studio Session

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Dutch group Klangstof are conducting deliciously evil experiments on indie rock.

A band who explode established tropes, Klangstof’s methodologies have resulted in a truly singular catalogue, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by their peers.

Invited to support seminal American group PIXIES on their mammoth incoming tour, Klangstof have just ushered a new EP into the world.

‘Ocean View’ is out now, a breakneck procedure – written in just two months, the songs were then recorded in five days alongside producer Thijs van der Klugt in Studio Kabaal in Haarlem.

The project itself emerged from a period of artistic instability, with initial sessions in LA finding Klangstof hitting a brick wall.

Koen van de Wardt explains: “The feeling of being trapped that we had in LA is now completely gone. ‘Ocean View’ is like looking into an open world, a mirror of ultimate freedom. The song’s story is now the complete opposite of what it was originally about.”

The title track finds Klangstof flowing into inspired new landscapes, and it represents how complete the turnaround was from those original sessions to the finished product. Wannes Salome adds: “Where the verses used to be cynical, now they are now sincere.”

We’re able to share this new in the studio visualiser, with Klangstof performing ‘Ocean View’ while also transporting the song to a different plane.

Superbly shot, the simple yet stylish clip comes as Klangstof prepare to touch down in the UK for some live dates.

Koen recalls: “Since we hadn’t been able to play live together for a while, we felt the need to record these tracks sitting in a room together, playing the songs from start to finish as a group. Most of the tracks have been recorded in just one or a few takes. The whole process was very refreshing, the energy in the room was incredible. We honestly think we’ve never sounded as much as a band as on this recording.”

Tune in now.

Klangstof’s ‘Ocean View’ EP is out now. Catch the band live:

26 London The Lexington
28 Manchester YES

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