KOYO Have Signed To Pure Noise Records & Released A Stunning New Track

Just really wonderful news.

There are two types of people; those who say that KOYO are their favourite band and those who simply haven’t heard Koyo yet. 

Now is the time for you to become the former if you were the latter. 

The band have signed to Pure Noise Records and released a brand new song. 

That new song is ‘Ten Digits Away’, a swirling blend of post-hardcore fury and seething emo that is as crushing as it is cathartic. It’s heart-on-sleeve passion in its finest form, and the start of something truly extraordinary for the band. 

Vocalist Joey Chiaramonte had this to say about it:

“Ten Digits Away feels so time and place to the band right now, it feels like a special moment. It’s everything I love about The music we make with Koyo perfected in its purest, realest, most honest form. True to everything we’re inspired by and pull from, but also true to the identity the band has formed for itself as we’ve continued writing music.

“This song is largely about communicating, facing, and accepting feelings. Things I’m not very good at truthfully. Feelings change, they grow, they dissipate, they linger in limbo and unknowns. I think the harder moments in life that come from that are some of the most relatable. As a terrible communicator, I think for once I’ve said exactly what I wanted to say in this song.”

Here it is. It is fucking incredible:

If you loved that, you’ll want to revisit last year’s EP ‘Drives Out East’. Here’s ‘Moriches’:

Link to the source article – https://www.rocksound.tv/news/read/koyo-have-signed-to-pure-noise-records-released-a-stunning-new-track

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