Last Wishes Premiere New Single & Music Video “Loyalty” From Upcoming Debut Album “Organized Hate”

Last Wishes Premiere New Single & Music Video “Loyalty” From Upcoming Debut Album “Organized Hate”

Old-school hardcore outfit Last Wishes premiere a new single and music video “Loyalty”, taken from their upcoming debut full-length “Organized Hate”, which will be out in stores April 29, 2022 via Daze Records.

Check out now “Loyalty” streaming via YouTube for you below.

Comments frontman Corin:

“Lyrically the overall theme of the record is about growing up in a hostile environment and being a product of that. Tommy and myself grew up in Northern Ireland, the lasting effects of the Troubles and ongoing paramilitary activties still result in a lot of drug and addiction issues and a mental health crisis which is still ongoing, we have the highest suicide rate in the uk, the health system is failing with not a lot of options other than highly addictive prescription drugs.

Northern Ireland is essentially being ruled by gangs that use their political power to corrupt and control as much as they can, all to disguise their desire to sell drugs within the community to make money and run the country. We wanted to express the hardships of growing up in a place like but in a way that would be relatable to anyone no matter where they’re from as this kinda shit happens all over the world in different ways. The first half of the record deals with feelings of anger and aggression, acting on those feelings without thinking and feeling rejected by people and society. Then we dive into the psychological effects this can have, looking inside yourself for reasons why you feel or act a certain way, not fitting in, past traumas that shape you as you grow older.

The song is about staying true to your friends, which is the foundation of what hardcore means to us. Also giving respect when it’s due, and not expecting anything you didn’t earn. We wanted to make an old school style video for it, no storyline or anything just a representation of what we do, we play shows, hang out, get tatted by our friends and just goof around.”

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