LISTEN: Avril Lavigne’s Atmospheric New Track ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ featuring blackbear


This is Avril Lavigne in 2022, and it is awesome.

After announcing the details of her new album ‘Love Sux’, Avril Lavigne has now released another track from it. 

It’s called ‘Love It When You Hate Me’, and is the perfect 2022 pop-punk track. Cheeky, emotional, atmospheric and brimming with huge melodies, hooks and beats. It also features a feature from blackbear, so you know it’s going to be a belter. 

It’s a perfect representation of the direction that this new album is going to go for Avril, and it feels extremely exciting because of it.

Have a listen below:


‘Love Sux’ will be released on February 25 via DTA Records.

The artwork looks like this:

It will also feature the previously released ‘Bite Me’, which sounds like this:

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