LISTEN: Kublai Khan TX’s Defiantly Crushing New Track ‘Loyal To None’


Bottled chaos.

Kublai Khan TX are prepping for a new EP set to drop next month, and they’ve shared another taste of it.

And you are moshing. 

This is ‘Loyal To None’, a steel-plated bulldozer of a tune. Jagged riffs, guttural basslines and the sort of breakdowns that rattle the soul, it is the band at their most terrifyingly heavy and unrelentingly seething. Reaching new levels every time and pushing the genre forward in ways only they can, it is essential.

Vocalist Matthew Honeycutt had this to say about it:

“‘Loyal to None’ is loyal to no one. When trust comes with tragedy and loyalty leads to heavy losses. We are once again blueprinting our interpretation of Texas chaos. To those who remain loyal, walk the world. To those you don’t, die a thousand deaths.”

Bang your fucking head:

‘Lowest Form Of Animal’ will be yours on April 01 via Rise Records.

Here is the vital ‘Swan Song’, which will also be on it:

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