Listen Now: Boyfriend and Big Freedia Share “Deceptacon” Cover


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Today, Boyfriend has teamed up with Big Freedia to release a reimagination of Le Tigre’s striking 1999 tune, “Deceptacon.” The reworking features a hyper-pop lean coupled with the rebellious energy of the original, making it dance floor ready just in time for summer. 

Boyfriend shared, “Le Tigre, and this song specifically, was the soundtrack of my awakening in high school, where I learned that control over my body was something I had to – and will continue to – fight for.”

In light of today’s historic Supreme Court ruling which overturns Roe v. Wade, which gave women in the United States the legal right to an abortion, Boyfriend added, “I can’t control the universe… so Roe v. Wade overturning the same day I’m announcing my debut album, tour and new song with Big Freedia is a stark reminder of that.” She concluded, “But I refuse to relinquish control of my body.” 

Big Freedia chimed in, “I had a blast working on ‘Deceptacon’ with Boyfriend.” She continued, “We get to celebrate Pride today because of acts like Le Tigre who helped pave the way. I’m proud to be a leader of the movement and hope to inspire future generations to continue fighting for equality.” 

At a time when hope seems lost on the future of American progression and the fight for equality, “Deceptacon” offers a void within which we can escape by offering electric solace with a powerful feminist edge and much-needed hype.

Listen to “Deceptacon” here.

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