LISTEN: Superlove’s New Boundary-Destroying Belter ‘wanna luv u’


Once again stretching the limits of what they can be in the most brilliant of ways.

Superlove have released a new single that delves even deeper into how far their sound can stretch.

This one is called ‘wanna luv u’ and combines the breeziness and cutesy atmosphere of hyperpop with the sort of bludgeoning riffs created to incite chaos. The two very different sides blend together brilliantly into something you have never heard before, let alone something any other band would even attempt.

Falling head over heels with someone never sounded so good.

Vocalist Jacob Rice had this to say about it:

“You can’t properly always process your feelings straight away because the rush of it all is just messing up your head.  There’s also something from a songwriting and production standpoint when combining metal-esque guitar riffs and the cutest, shiny pop that is so enjoyable to us because of the challenge it takes to make each section flow together. It’s really fun just pushing the limits with a track like this.”

Here it is:

It follows on from ‘Save Yourselves’, which sounds like this:

Which follows on from ‘btw! i adore u’, which sounds like this:

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