LISTEN: Trophy Eyes’ Stark And Sensational New Track ‘27 Club’


Your favourite band are right back at it again.

Trophy Eyes have released their first new music since the start of 2020.

The track is called ’27 Club’ and finds the band in suitably stark form, with an anthem for everyone who is at war with their own mortality. Wrapped up in an absolutely monolithic melody and with some additional cheers and screams thrown in for good measure, it is yet another absolute slammer from one of the best there is.

It’s really REALLY good to have them back.

Vocalist John Floreani had this to say about the song’s themes:

“27 Club is an expression of my self-loathing, imposter syndrome and my disdain for being alive in general. I’ve done my best to numb those feelings by self-medicating most of my adult life- not passively but as an aggressive form of self-punishment. The song centres around one particular night, sometime in 2018, that I’d finally passed out on my back and began choking on my vomit. The person that woke me saved my life that night, but instead of feeling grateful and happy to be alive, all I felt was genuine resentment. Resentment for interrupting what I’ve never been brave enough to do from happening naturally. ”

Check it out below:

It follows on from the still astounding ‘Figure Eight’, which is here accompanied by footage of Seth Rollins getting ready:

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