Lucy Dacus Turns ‘Fallon’ Stage Into Chapel for ‘VBS’

Lucy Dacus preached her true feelings about vacation bible school while rocking out on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.



Singing “VBS” off her recently released Home Video, Dacus begins serenading the crowd as if they were children at a Christian summer camp. Way too many flashbacks crawled out from the deep parts of my brain as Dacus reminisced on the summer of ’07—befriending the preacher in a t-shirt, being told to “spread the word,” and worshipping before bed. With faux stained glass windows behind her and all musicians bearing white cloaks, Dacus tangibly furthers the aura of “VBS,” alongside the theme of reason behind both the church and her track.

Your dad keeps his sleeves down through the summer for a reason
Your mother wears her makeup extra thick for a reason
When I tell you you were born and you are here for a reason
You are not convinced the reason is a good one 

Dacus’ striking performance makes for a rock show for just a few seconds. Telling her summer-camp-lover that the only thing that can tune out sleepless thoughts is “Playing Slayer at full volume helps to block it out,” a full-throttle jam explodes on stage with strobing lights and a ringing scream.

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