Lycoriscoris Explores Memory Through Deep House On ‘Chiyu’

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Japanese producer Lycoriscoris has shared his fascinating new album ‘Chiyu’ in full.

The electronic musician has a penchant for deep house, exploring the bottomless depths of house as a genre until it begins to fragment, and splinter.

His new LP ‘Chiyu’ is part of this journey, using the deep house lens as a means to explore memory and recovery.

Moving from piece to piece, ‘Chiyu’ links in inner lives to the outer world, resulting in something hugely special.

An immersive, transportive work, ‘Chiyu’ allows the listener to move through subtle shifts, before emerging renewed at the finish.

Lycoriscoris comments…

“Memories and retrospection are the fundamental concept from which I take inspiration to create my music. My own artist name is a wordplay based on a flower, the Lycoris. In Japan, it’s often found near cemeteries and for this reason, people usually don’t like it. But one day, searching in the Flower Languages List, I discovered that besides being connected to unpleasant things like death, it also means ‘I’m looking forward to see you again’ and so I realised how this flower also hides a beautiful and positive meaning. I think my music, including this album, has the same kind of dualism as Lycoris.”

“The meaning of the title of this album is ‘recovery’ or ‘healing’ in Japanese. For some problems in life, they will eventually recover, but it’s not easy. I wanted to portray that process.”

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Photo Credit: Yunosuke Senoo

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