Martin Garrix & Maejor’s AREA21 Debut Album Tracklist Revealed


AREA21, the collaborative project between Martin Garrix and Maejor that began in 2016 with the surprise breakout hit “Spaceship,” is finally gearing up to release its debut album next Friday. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is… a bit of an oddly titled album, given that it’s composed entirely of newly released singles in 2021 plus six unreleased singles. None of the project’s supposed “greatest hits” like “Spaceship,” “Glad You Came,” or “We Did It” are on the album. But, oh well, I guess?

The album comes out November 12 with twelve tracks including everything they’ve released in 2021, like “Pogo,” “Mona Lisa,” or the most recent single, “Own The Night.” In addition, six other tracks (below) will be featured.

No Angel
All I Need
Time Machine
Going Home

A live AREA21 tour might be on its way, but TBD. For now, join us in waiting for the album due out next week.

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