Mila V Becomes Embroiled With Her Demons In ‘S.N.C.L.’


Dutch multi-disciplinarian artist Mila V has shared new single ‘S.N.C.L.’ – tune in now.

Initially a film-maker, Mila V had always harboured a love of music, something she yearned to express.

Dubbing her sound “emotional acid”, she re-tools club culture for her own ends, resulting in barbed drops of avant-pop.

‘S.N.C.L.’ (standing for Smile Now, Cry Later) is her latest statement, and it aims for a staunch form of electronic catharsis.

Merging breakbeat with vibrant electro while adding a pop sheen, her new single is about learning to embrace your downfall, no matter how uncomfortable that makes you.

Aiming to release her demons, the video – self-directed by Mila V in collaboration with Indiana Roma Voss – pivots between four different personalities.

Mila V comments…

“As the track is about embracing your own downfall and letting your demons out, it made sense to create all these different versions of myself that in way all come to an end to make space for a new me. ‘S.N.C.L.’ is about re-defying my own balance of femininity and masculinity, and in a way killing this hyperfemme vesion [the demon] of myself that I had to present in order for relationships to work.”

“Me, Indiana and Post Neon did a-lot of brainstorming and came across the idea of different versions of me trying to make their way to the end of the demon, all being swallowed by or taken down with it, and it disintegrating in the end. Post Neon brought the vision to live by almost making different landscapes of my own demon body, and having a surveillance room in my own eye. It portrays all the characters you have to play and they way you observe yourself play these. In order to move on I had to embrace my destruction for a while, smile now, cry later, and deal with the repercussions after.”

“The video was shot in a virtual production studio where we could see the real me move over the body in real time.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Zahra Reijs

Creative Direction & Styling: Ricardo van Lachterop

MUA & Hair Artist: Iraj Raghosing

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