MUST DIE! Announces New Album ‘CRISIS VISION’ Out Next Month [DETAILS]


MUST DIE! just revealed his new album CRISIS VISION is coming out May 21.

The producer is locked and loaded with a variety of heavy-hitting new releases as he continues to push the MUST DIE! sound forward. The post below gives offers an exclusive look at CRISIS VISION, due out next month, with official album art from vinne.

The announcement follows up a steady stream of new releases, including “SORROW TECH,” “HELLBURST,” “DON’T EVEN BOTHER” and “NERVE DAMAGE.” All of which share consistent artwork and will presumably join together as part of the forthcoming LP.

Recently, MUST DIE! also confirmed a triple-threat collaboration in the works with Akeos and Skream, but it’s unknown whether the song will appear on CRISIS VISION. 

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