NERGAL Says It ‘Feels Very Fulfilling To Be Part Of’ BEHEMOTH’s 30-Year History


Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH will celebrate their 30-year career with a massive livestream event called “XXX Years Ov Blasphemy” this Halloween, October 31. The event will feature three separate sets in three spectacular locations, commemorating the band’s three decades making music and art.

In the nine-minute video below, BEHEMOTH frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski looks back on the band’s first three decades by going over old photos and discussing BEHEMOTH‘s musical evolution.

He said in part: “Three decades, it just went that fast. [Snaps fingers] And sitting here retrospecting some of the stories, picking up those photos and going through all that and trying to remember facts, it just feels amazing. It feels very fulfilling to be part of that history.”

With each “XXX Years Ov Blasphemy” set, BEHEMOTH will showcase its glorious 30-year history and focus on each decade, starting with the early day of pagan and black metal sounds of “Pandemonic Incantations” through their international breakthroughs “The Apostasy” and “Evangelion”, up to their most recent masterpiece, 2018’s “I Loved You At Your Darkest”. The event is directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz (Grupa 13 Production House).

BEHEMOTH‘s Moment will be broadcast to various territories around the world including North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe and Africa. Following the initial airing, the Moment will be available on VOD for 24 hours.

Fans will also have the ability to purchase a number of VIP ticket options available, including an online meet-and-greet, limited to 30 fans only. Also available as an option is a post-show “XXX Years Ov Blasphemy – Behind The Scenes” bonus event for an additional $5, and will be available to watch on demand for 24 hours. An array of event merchandise is also available, with the first 500 merch customers receiving a free “Burning Cross” sticker with their purchase.

Darski‘s dark folk/blues/Americana-influenced solo project ME AND THAT MAN will release its third full-length studio album, “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 2”, on November 19 via Napalm Records.

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