NOAHFINNCE Has Released An Introspectively Frantic New Track ‘WORMS (In My Brain)’


Another open and honest banger.

NOAHFINNCE has kicked the year off with a brand new track, continuing his hot streak of honest and intensely catchy songwriting. 

And this one is a bit gross visually too. 

It’s called ‘WORMS (In My Brain)’ and is literally about the worms inside of Noah’s brain and how they change who he is and how he reacts to things. Though he may not actually have slimy boys crawling through his frontal lobe, it’s a perfect metaphor for the fuzziness and confusion that Noah seems to have come to terms with and paints so vividly and openly in his songwriting. Plus, it’s a pop-punk banger.

He had this to say about its inspiration:

“SUPER EXCITED for everybody to hear my first song of 2022! I wrote WORMS about my first therapy session. In that session I realised that I was still being affected by things that happened to me over 10 years ago so I decided to write a quirky little song about it!”

And here it is:

It follows on from Noah’s debut EP ‘Stuff From My Brain’, which he told us all about right HERE

And here’s ‘KICKIN TRASH’:

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