Nothing On You: Lily Moore Interviewed

“I’m a massive perfectionist…”

“Just so you know, I haven’t actually had that many boyfriends,” Lily laughs as she sips tea from a shiny turquoise cup. Like two friends having a gossip, we comfortably slouch over our hot beverages in a little cafe just off Portobello road.

Soulful and expressive, there’s no doubt Lily Moore can sing. When it comes to lyrics, Lily has quite the pick when it comes to unrequited love and utter heartbreak. However, matched with her jokey charisma and hopeful melodies, you’re soon obliged to feel OK about it.

“With all my songs, instead of it being a set theme or mood, it’s sort of just a collection of how I felt whilst growing up,” she tells Clash. “Some of the songs on there like ‘Houdini’ I wrote when I was 17 and only now am I finally doing something with it. So yeah I would have to say the only theme is me growing up and being an idiot!” she grins. “It is very relatable as everyone is going through the same shit and messes up.”

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Brighton-born, Lily spent her young age resonated with the sounds of legendary soulful influences. With the recent release of her newest mixtape ‘More Moore’, Lily has naturally gone onto experimenting with the notable slower gospel ballad approach, alongside a beautiful piano accompaniment.

“It was based more from a collection of songs I’d never done anything with and previously written. I always thought that it was a shame I’d never done anything with them so yeah I love the slower ones, especially to sing onstage,” she shares. “But, it was more about having the chance to experiment and do songs I want to do in more of a throw-away fashion album where I wasn’t conscious about how many were slower and stuff.”

Having a clever mix of live versions and demos, she continues: “It was just a way of not over-thinking it. I hadn’t put out any songs in ages so I thought fuck it I’ll put it out! Some of them are ones I wrote on my kitchen table and I tried to re-record it but I liked how it was almost like a rough copy.”

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Taking another gulp of tea and fiddling with her dangling gold earring, Lily debates the challenges and difficulties faced throughout the process. “Not over-thinking it probably. I’m a massive perfectionist so by calling it a mixtape and something a bit more underground, it made me feel like I wasn’t completely obsessing over it!”

Her chin rests on her hand that is showered in rings, the same bright golden colour as her multi-layered necklace. “I still spent a lot of time on it and put my all into it but it was kind of a way for me to just express myself through those songs without any pressure of it being ‘the’ album you know.”

Confidently channeling her personal relationships, Lily’s music is like an incredibly melancholic and emotional see-saw. Her endearing honesty and frustration strategically hides behind the uplifting melody and with a dash of her unique humour, it never seems to come across as being too soppy or sentimental.

“I was so drunk when I wrote ‘Better Than Me,’” she titters. “It’s basically about this boy I was with and I was really angry because he got a new girlfriend. I had about five pints and was ranting about that… and yeah, I wrote it on my phone.”

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Moving away from Brighton, Lily made the choice to become fully immersed in London life, quickly starting up her own club night at the Mau Mau Bar. “I was bored!” she chuckles. “I moved to London and I hated it! I was so depressed and felt very lost so I used it in a cheeky way to try and make friends and it worked!”

“In Brighton I was always loved doing open mics and gigs, then I moved here and everything was kind of pretentious. I always went back to Brighton as I felt lonely because I didn’t know anyone here and it takes time and it’s not like I’m going to join a fucking members bar,” we both loudly laugh as we shake our heads. “Now I love it as I gave it time and got to know people. All my friends went to uni and had these massive girl gangs which I missed out on but its all worked out now!”

Not long since returning from tour supporting Tom Walker, Lily seems to be in a happy daze. “It was so much fun! Definitely all sleep deprived!! It makes me really lazy though,” she sighs. “I get back and I’m like how do you make toast?!” we both burst into laughter again.

“So many responsibilities to come back to,” she concurs as we resume to drinking our tea.

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‘More Moore’ is out now.

Words + Photography: Lauren McDermott

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