Palaye Royale’s Sebastian Danzig Has Been Arrested “For Throwing Coffee On A Guy”

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Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig has been arrested outside a venue, according to a post on the band’s Instagram.

Along with security footage of Sebastian in handcuffs, Palaye Royale have released a short statement.

“Sebastian Danzig just got arrested outside the venue. Let’s see if he makes it to tomorrow sold out show! #FreeSebastian Story: A guy in a car tried to hit mishka (adorable little dog) with his car. Sebastian threw his coffee at him. Later he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.”

Additionally, both Remington Leith and Emmerson Barrett have made short statements on the band’s Instagram story. According to their reports, Sebastian retaliated when a driver attempted to run over his dog, and was subsequently arrested “for throwing coffee on a guy“, and charged with “assault with a deadly weapon”.

The band is planning on posting bail for Sebastian’s release.

As yet it’s unclear whether this will impact any shows on the tour, which was set to start tomorrow. This story will be updated as more details come to light.

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  1. Linda

    Typical behaviour from Palaye Royale! This behaviour have repeated and well documented! Just recently during the Halestorm tour Palaye Royale aggressed a 50 year old man…on Wednesday May 15th 2019 in Montreal during the Halestorm show at MTELUS Palaye Royale we’re served by an official badged bailiff of the QUEBEC Court “This is serious” a Judgement against them for failing to pay thousands of dollars they owe since May 2015. Palaye Royal reacted by physically aggressive this Court Official! More information coming out soon! This band is out of control!

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