PANTERA’s PHILIP ANSELMO Offers Advice On How To Cope With ‘Post-Halloween Blues’


November 20, 2023

The YouTube channel of Housecore Records, the record label launched in 2001 by PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo, has uploaded a video of Anselmo giving “a little advice on how to cope with post-Halloween blues.” But Housecore cautions: “It may involve pigs, pumpkins, and an unruly amount of Halloween paraphernalia.”

Housecore previously uploaded video of Philip going “100% ‘balls to the wall’ for Halloween with his personal haunted house.” The message accompanying the clip invited everyone to “check out the absolute insanity of it all!”

Earlier last month, the HousecoreYouTube channel shared video of Anselmo giving a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of his haunted house in Louisiana as he prepared for Halloween night.

Housecore wrote: “For the past three years, Housecore Records has created a haunted house for family and friends. We were given a guided tour as it was being constructed.”

A huge fan of all things horror, Anselmo in 2013 joined forces with internationally renowned, best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell (“Hollywood Death Scenes”, “Dead And Buried”) to create Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival, an underground, three-day horror and heavy metal fan event that combined live concerts from some of the biggest bands in metal and hard rock with screenings of horror, true crime, and heavy metal films, music videos, and more — and special guest appearances from some of the world’s most revered underground directors of horror.

In a 2010 interview with, Anselmo talked about when he first became a horror aficionado. “[When I was growing up] we had a black and white TV, and there was the ‘Saturday Matinee’, which was a horror fest,” he said. “As a matter of fact, I was home alone and I saw Mario Bava‘s ‘Black Sabbath’, but that’s a later memory. There was the afternoon show, and then the Saturday night show had a horror host, ‘The Guru.’ Honestly, the most impactful one was the ‘Sunday Morning Movie’ — films like ‘Fiend Without A Face’ and ‘How Awful About Allan’. Believe it or not, those were on TV! Shit like that flipped me out. I would sneak up and beg my mother every night, ‘Can I stay up and watch ‘Night Gallery’?’ [Laughs] I was sneaking out of bed, too, though.”

Asked in a 2014 interview with Austin American-Statesman what horror flick first scared the bejesus out of young Anselmo, he said: “I won’t say it scared me, because it actually made me cry my eyes out, but ‘King Kong’ was the first movie that really touched me as a kid. As far as scaring me and giving me the fear when I was a youngster, there was a movie called ‘How Awful About Allan’ starring Anthony Perkins of ‘Psycho’ fame. That movie scared me. And of course, there’s no denying the power of ‘The Exorcist’. In grade school I saw ‘Don’t Go In The House’ at the theater. I saw ‘The Changeling’ at the theater — which scared the living, flying [crap] out of me! I saw ‘Silent Scream’ with Barbara Steele and that was insane.”

A few years later, a friend invited Anselmo over to watch “The Evil Dead”, which had a lasting impact on the musician.

“Man, I will just say it was a long walk home on these empty, desolate streets,” Anselmo said. “Oh my God, I was pretty much awake all night. It outdid ‘The Exorcist’, because at that age you go through this gore phase where the gorier the better. That one hit a nerve, man.”

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