PAPA ROACH’s New Album Will Be ‘All Over The Place’, Says JERRY HORTON


PAPA ROACH guitarist Jerry Horton spoke to Australia’s Heavy about the band’s upcoming follow-up to 2019’s “Who Do You Trust?” album. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We have 18 songs now. We’re in the process of mixing. We’re hoping to get a new song out by summer, and then kind of lead up to an eventual release of an album the end of this year or early next year.”

Asked what fans can expect to hear on the new PAPA ROACH LP, Jerry said: “I think that the curveballs are what people would expect these days. We’re super excited about everything. There’s riffage, there’s hooks, there’s some hip-hop in there — it’s all over the place — but I think the fans are gonna love it, really.”

Last month, PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix told the Minneapolis, Minnesota radio station 93X about the band’s upcoming LP: “We’re sitting on something special, man. This album is going to blow rock fans’ minds. We are doing our best to project rock into the future but still maintain the guts and the purity of the genre and who we are as PAPA ROACH. So fans can expect to be taken on a wild ride on this one. And it’s all things PAPA ROACH, dude. It’s not like some self-undulgent, like, we got experimental and now we’re making RADIOHEAD ‘OK Computer’, which is a great record, by the way. For us, we really wanted to hone in on what we felt were the strongest elements of our band and then evolving those.”

In July 2020, Shaddix told Rock Sound TV that PAPA ROACH‘s next album will be released through band’s own record company. “We are in partnership with Warner/ADA, and so it’s like an artist services group,” he explained. “And we’re gonna do that for an album and see how it works out. We’ve been super focused in the creative marketing behind what we do and the imaging and the videos and the messaging and everything, we were, like, let’s take it in our hands and see where we can go with it and try it for an album.”

In January, a snippet of a brand new PAPA ROACH song called “Stand Up” was included in commercial for Ultimate Fighting Championship‘s (UFC) partnership with ESPN.

PAPA ROACH‘s second greatest-hits collection, “Greatest Hits Vol. 2: The Better Noise Years”, was released on March 19 on Better Noise Music.

“Greatest Hits Vol. 2 – The Better Noise Years” includes 12 of the band’s top 10 hits released between 2010 to 2019 as well as three previously unreleased remixes and two unreleased acoustic recordings recorded live at the YouTube Studios in New York City.

PAPA ROACH‘s latest album, “Who Do You Trust?”, was released in January 2019. The disc was produced by Nick “RAS” Furlong and Colin Cunningham except for the song “Top Of The World”, which is helmed by Jason Evigan.

In December, PAPA ROACH released a five-song EP, “20/20”, featuring “new takes on old jams,” including “Last

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