Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, New Order Salute Janice Long In New Documentary

It airs this coming weekend…

Broadcaster Janice Long will be celebrated in an all-star Radio 2 documentary.

A pioneering female voice on British radio, Janice Long opened up the underground to a whole generation of music fans.

Becoming the first female host on Top Of The Pops, her in-depth knowledge and all-round positivity made her dearly loved.

Working with Radio 1, Capitol, Radio 2, and helping to launch Radio 6, Janice Long equally never strayed too far from her Merseyside roots.

New documentary Janice Long: A Life In Music celebrates her life, and it’s set to be broadcast on Radio 2 this coming weekend.

Airing on January 23rd, it features personal tributes from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, who reminisces about his “old Liverpool mate”, who was always “a pleasure to meet”.

Elvis Costello also salutes a perennial champion of his work, while OMD, New Order, and many more recall the influence Janice Long had on their careers.

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