Peach Pit – From 2 To 3

A patient approach takes the band to their best…

Peach Pit’s ‘From 2 to 3’ might have come together in those dark, late-night hours, but it feels like the first brush of the sun across your face in the early morning. On their third album, they break through the twilight and emerge in a new day, brighter than ever.

The follow up to 2020’s ‘You and Your Friends’, as the first twinkling notes of ‘Up Granville’ play out, there’s a resounding sense that this album is miles ahead. Peach Pit have found their winning formula and perfected it. From the miraculously upbeat acoustics of ‘Vickie’ to the shimmering surf-rock of ‘Pepsi On The House’, it’s primed for those lazy summer days: aptly timed with the first blue skies of the year, it offers a slice of hope for the coming months.

Lyrically, they walk a fine line between incendiary takes on the crushing experience of love and hopeless romanticism. It’s filled with characteristic yearning and saccharine sentiments and yet is deeply sardonic. Even at their most cynical, however, they offer a laughing smile and quickly breeze onto their next thought. ‘Look Out!’ sees them take a softer tone – gentle vocals, a heavy dose of fingerpicking and the help of the harmonica helps to file out those more bitter edges.

There’s a patient slowness to the album; in part because they lean on those easy folk influences to transform their indie-pop into something more inimitably Peach Pit. ‘From 2 To 3’ unravels in its own time, basking in the steady warmth more with every track. It moves you from that fresh, red-tinged dawn to the gloriously vibrant hues of midday and offers you the opportunity to relish in every beating ray. This is Peach Pit at their very best.


Words: Neive McCarthy

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