Sam Gellaitry Drops “Coming Of Age” Track ‘New Wave’

Tune in now…

Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry has shared his new single ‘New Wave’.

Out now, it finds the Stirling wunderkind tapping back into his roots, returning to the 80s synth sounds he loved as a kid.

The song itself pivots between youth and adulthood, exploring the liminal area where the rules are off.

‘New Wave’ is a personal track that bristles with energy, allowing Sam Gellaitry to raise the levels while staying true to himself.

The production finesse is on-point, while Sam’s use of melody remains one of the key figures in his aesthetic.

He comments…

“‘New Wave’ to me is a coming of age, 80’s inspired track I wrote which dives into the pressures that are faced when transitioning from innocence into a party filled adulthood. It also brings to light the tug of war that substances and alcohol create from within and how eventually one side must win. In this instance, I end the track with a cry for help begging to be taken back into the lifestyle I thrived in as a child before this spiritual warfare began…”

Tune in now.

Catch Sam Gellaitry playing a full live show at London’s XOYO on March 18th.

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