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Robin Murray

12 · 05 · 2022

Sarah Kinsley has shared details of her incoming EP ‘Cypress’.

Out on June 10th, the EP follows a plethora of activity, with Sarah’s work finding a natural home on social media.

With an international brigade of fans waiting her next move, Sarah Kinsley has laid out plans for a release.

‘Cypress’ EP picks up where her ‘The King’ EP left off, expanding on her creative work while also refining her approach.

Songs about dislocation and identity, the EP is stepped in the mythos and lore of the West Coast.

Sarah comments…

“When my family and I travelled to California that same summer, nearly a month after the release of [2021 EP] ‘The King’, I felt the strongest connection – physical, emotional, spiritual – to a place than any I had ever known before. I had spent most of my life between my small hometown in Connecticut and the vastly different island of Singapore. I was born in Mountain View, California, where I lived for only the first five months of my life. Driving through California, I didn’t feel at home necessarily, but I felt free. I grew attached to cypress trees, searching for them along the highways (or freeways as my California-native friends call them), trying to decipher their meanings, and why I could not distract myself away from their mystique.”

“I stared at the trees, searching through the slivers of light, the cracks of what might be, the life that might contain itself within the green. And this is where the EP began. Understanding that my own shying away from the dual ideas of who I was, the inability to pick up the pen, all of this was some form of hiding, protecting, saving. Perhaps a part of me felt that I might lose all of myself, if not for the cypress, if not for the thing that might save me. Can we make art and still save a part of ourselves?”

New single ‘What Was Mine’ is online now, and the swooning left-field pop exposition is matched to a neat, self-choreographed dance routine.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Julia Khoroshilov

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