SEVENTEEN Sub-Unit BSS Teases New Single ‘Second Wind’: Here’s When It Arrives

seventeen-sub-unit-bss-teases-new-single-‘second-wind’:-here’s-when-it arrives

The track marks Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi’s sophomore track as a trio.


SEVENTEEN Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN sub-unit BSS unveiled the teaser for “Second Wind,” their first single in five years, on Sunday (Jan. 8).

The visual, which features the words “Ladies and gentlemen they call us BSS” emblazoned over a red dirt running track, promises that the trio of Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi will release the track on Feb. 6. (The unit takes its acronym of a name from “BooSeokSoon,” the three letters from the idols’ Korean names.)

The phrase on the poster also served as the opening line of BSS’ debut single, “Just do it,” back in 2018. Since then, the trio have remained busy with their 10 other bandmates, releasing albums like 2019’s An Ode and 2022’s Face the Sun as well as the latter’s deluxe repackaging as Sector 17.

BSS aren’t the only SEVENTEEN members branching off in the wake of the boy band’s successful 2022, either. Vernon closed out the year by dropping his third solo project in the form of mixtape Black Eye as well as the pop-punk-infused title track’s brash music video.

SEVENTEEN also has a high-profile evangelist in Wednesday star Emma Myers, who spent the beginning of her debut late-night appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week excitedly explaining the math behind the boy band’s name (“There’s thirteen of them…And there are three different groups…And then there’s one team. So thirteen plus three plus one is SEVENTEEN,”) to host Jimmy Fallon and the audience.

Meanwhile, Joshua, Dino and Mingyu hinted that “fresh music” will be coming from the whole of SEVENTEEN sometime in 2023 exclusively to Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly while attending LA3C in December.

Check out the teaser for BSS’ new single “Second Wind” below.

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