Shinedown’s ‘Planet Zero’ Is The No.01 Song On Active Rock Radio In The US Right Now

The title track of the band’s new album is already making waves.

Shinedown recently announced their new album ‘Planet Zero’ as well as releasing the anthemic title track.

And it’s already getting some big plaudits. 

The song has just made its way to the top of Active Rock radio in the US, replacing Jack White’s ‘Taking Me Back’.

According to Mediabase’s Building Charts, the song received 1951 plays over the last week, an 11.9% increase, with Red Hot Chili Peppers getting the closest with ‘Black Summer’.

The band have just released the video for the track as well, which you can watch below. It’s an absolute epic.

‘Planet Zero’ is set to drop on 

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. 2184
02. No Sleep Tonight
03. Planet Zero
04. Welcome
05. Dysfunctional You
06. Dead Don’t Die
07. Standardized Experiences
08. America Burning
09. Do Not Panic
10. A Symptom Of Being Human
11. Hope
12. A More Utopian Future
13. Clueless And Dramatic
14. Sure Is Fun
15. Daylight
16. This Is A Warning
17. The Saints Of Violence And Innuendo
18. Army Of The Underappreciated
19. Delete
20. What You Wanted

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