Slipknot Fan Margot Robbie Politely Schools Cate Blanchett About Metal


Renowned metalhead and Hollywood A-lister Margot Robbie has won the hearts of Slipknot fans the world over after she classily dealt with negative comments about her favourite music from fellow Aussie actress, Cate Blanchett.

The pair recently appeared on an episode of UK TV talk show Graham Norton, where the convo quickly turned to Robbie’s emo and heavy-metal roots.

“Does anyone like heavy-metal music?

Robbie confessed that when she was younger, “I definitely had my – I don’t know if I was full goth. Very emo, though, and I listened to, like, only heavy metal music.”

“I would dye my hair black and only cut it with a razor blade,” she said.

This prompted an incredulous response from Blanchett, who asked: “Does anyone like heavy metal music? Was that something you genuinely liked?”

“I genuinely — and I still genuinely like it,” Robbie said, to which Blanchett replied: “Do you like monster trucks?”

But Robbie was all class, diffusing the situation with a hilarious story about attending a Slipknot concert back in the day when she was still starring on the Aussie soap, Neighbours.

“I’ve never had more [Neighbours fans] come up to me than at a Slipknot concert,” she laughed.

“The crossover between – it wasn’t monster trucks and Slipknot; it was Neighbours and Slipknot! It was so unexpected…  They were so invested in Neighbours and in Slipknot.”

Blanchett has copped it on social media over her comments about metal, while Margot has been praised for her diverse taste in music.

“Cate Blanchett was far too condescending here. Shame,” one person tweeted.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Robbie ends up making an appearance at the Australian debut of Knotfest this March, which will see Slipknot headline the festival atop a massive bill of local and international metal acts including Parkway Drive and Megadeth.

Knotfest has also shared a clip of the Graham Norton interview on their socials alongside the caption “Margot. Down with the Maggots,” which you can peep above.

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