Sofía Valdés Commits Pop Blasphemy WIth ‘I Hate The Beatles’

It’s a poignant return…

Sofía Valdés has shared her new single ‘I Hate The Beatles’.

With the enormous success of the Peter Jackson documentary Get Back fresh in our minds, it can often seem as though The Beatles are an immovable cultural object.

For Sofía Valdés, however, the story is a little more complex. Sure, she appreciates their impact – who could deny it? – but emotionally the band are linked to failed relationships, and toxic men.

‘I Hate The Beatles’ pushes back against this legacy to find a space she can call her own, and its soft introspection is truly beguiling.

Fragrant bedroom pop, ‘I Hate The Beatles’ finds Sofía Valdés channeling the kind of poignancy that comes in the wake of a break up.

She says…

“Looking back the Beatles have been incredibly instrumental in my life and those I love. Music marks a time in people’s lives and when I take time to reflect on that the constant presence is always the Beatles, but also, those times have changed and are no longer there. So in some ways ‘I Hate The Beatles’ is a love song to the past, and a way for me to stop time and think about days gone by and share a piece of my life and family history with you all.”

Director Satchel Lee handles the visuals, and the clip mirrors the song’s intimacy. Satchel explains…

“As soon as I heard ‘I Hate The Beatles’ I pictured this one shot sequence in my head. I had a great time bringing this idea to life with the help of our incredible crew. Sofia wrote such a beautiful song and I feel really lucky that I was able to make my own contribution to this moving piece of art.“

Tune in now.

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