Stonecutters Premiere New Single “The Absurdist”


Stonecutters Premiere New Single “The Absurdist”

Hailing from Kentucky blackened thrash metal band Stonecutters premiere a new single called “The Absurdist”, streaming via Soundcloud for you below.

Explains guitarist Nick Burks:

“I was traveling through Arizona in December after tour and the place we were staying had a cheap acoustic guitar. Spending nights in a desert ghost town on the top of a mountain was definitely inspiring. I wanted to write what I saw – endless darkness. The lyrics are about being yourself and not worrying about what others think. Why waste your life trying to please others that could care less about you? I showed the song idea to the rest of the band and it came together like magic. The song stays true to the band’s style: genre-bending death metal. I’m really excited to hear what fans have to say about it.”

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