Talk Show’s ‘Underworld’ Is Their Very Own ‘Born Slippy’

It was produced alongside Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle…

Talk Show return with pounding, relentless new single ‘Underworld’.

The band went into the studio with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Al Doyle recently, adding layers of electronics to their heavy duty sound.

A full EP – it’s titled ‘Touch The Ground’ – is incoming, with new single ‘Underworld’ leading the way.

A true ‘Born Slippy’ moment it finds Talk Show absorbing club elements while retaining the Brutalist nature of their sound.

Unrelenting and euphoric, it finds Talk Show breaking new ground. The band’s Harrison Swann comments:

“This was the first of the ‘new batch’ we started with. It’s our own ‘Born Slippy’. Finding a groove and locking into it collectively really shaped the way we approached the other tracks. Rhythm first. Vocals and guitars second. Stemming from the thumping techno drum beat and lots of noisy rhythms, this track’s a high energy intro to the new EP and a statement of intent.”

“Working with Joe and Al was a dream and really helped to achieve the sounds and ideas we had in our heads, that we were probably pretty bad at articulating. For us it was fundamentally about stretching the Talk Show sound and seeing where we could go. I think their ‘anything goes’ approach certainly helped our confidence grow in terms of experimenting with sounds, arrangements and mixes, not once would they say that trying anything was a bad idea, or that it might not work, it was a case of going for, seeing what happened when that particular instrument or thing was in our hands, and seeing if we could make something work for that track, and in most cases it did!”

“Don’t get me wrong it’s still gonna sound like us, we’ve not sacked off guitars and cracked out the glockenspiels. It just sounds like a better version of us. We worked harder than we ever have done before and that’s made a big difference.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Stewart Baxter

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