Taylor Swift Delivers 10 Minute Performance of “All Too Well” On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Taylor Swift made a striking appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, delivering a live rendition of her ballad “All Too Well” which clocked in at just over 10 minutes. The length of the performance was faithful to the “10 Minute Version” of “All Too Well,” which was shared on Swift’s most recent re-release, Red (Taylor’s Version). The song was released along with an accompanying short film on Nov. 12 which is featured on the backdrop during Swift’s performance.

The re-release is the most recent step in Swift’s ongoing project of re-recording her music to assert ownership of her catalogue. Saturday’s performance and the new tracks are testaments to how musically rejuvenating these revisitings of her classic material have been.

The artist also surprised the audience with an appearance in a skit, in which Pete Davison decides he wants to make a music video with SNL writers Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy, “About how we’re all, like, best friends, and how we’re, like, boys.” The song is, however, not as the writers imagined it would be, and Taylor hops in for a hilarious cameo verse.

Watch the performance below:

Watch the skit below:

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