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by: Rachel Narozniak

Apr 22, 2022

Accessorized with autotuned vocals supplied by Drew Taggart, “Riptide” rushes through April 22’s New Music Friday waters as the third piece of The ChainsmokersSo Far So Good rollout, to reach completion via Disruptor/Columbia Records on May 13. On the So Far So Good continuum, the spongy, future-bass-inflected single sits closer to “iPad” than it does “High,” though it occupies a perch of its own. Whereas hints of The Chainsmokers’ 2014-2016 style permeated “iPad,” “Riptide” feels decidedly rooted in 2022, a period of mature and evolving—yet familiar—Chainsmokers sound. At once airy and sweet, a complement to condensation on a spiked cider can set beside a summer pool, “Riptide” is ready to soundtrack the high dive.

So Far So Good Tracklist:

1. Riptide

2. High

3. iPad

4. Maradona

5. Solo Mission

6. Something Different

7. I Love U

8. If You’re Serious

9. Channel 1

10. Testing

11. In Too Deep

12. I Hope You Change Your Mind

13. Cyanide

Featured image: Olav Stubberud

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