The Darkness And Signature Brew Have Teamed Up For A Festive ‘Pub In A Box’


Featuring the band’s own creation ‘Bell’s End’, which first launched last year.

Last year The Darkness joined forces with the incredible Signature Brew to create their own custom beverage.

They called it Bell’s End, and it’s a lovely seasonal bitter full of rich flavours and complex notes.

Here they are bringing it to life:

Well, it’s back! In portable pub form!

Oh yes, now you can get your hands on the special edition brew alongside four more beers, a special glass, some snacks, some beer mats, a special art print and a pub quiz.

It looks like this:

You can pick it up right HERE

And here’s the song that inspired it:

The band just released their brand new album ‘Motorheart’, and we chatted to Justin Hawkins all about it recently.

You can catch up right here:

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