The Summer Set Have Released A Heartfelt New Track ‘Back Together’


Just in case we don’t live forever, let’s get the band back together.

The Summer Set have shared their second song since their reunion in the summer, and it’s a true feat of personal storytelling.

It’s called ‘Back Together’ and basically recounts the fallout and fall in of the last few years of the band’s lives, and how we have ended up here, with them back together and releasing new music once again.

It’s a soft, heartfelt and beautiful acoustic piece that leaves no stone unturned in showing us how much they are enjoying making art together again.

You can check it out below, alongside a video brimming with nostalgia:

It follows on from ‘Street Lightning’, which sounds like this:

We chatted to vocalist Brian Logan Dales all about the reunion recently, which you can read in full HERE

But here’s a little snippet:

When you consider all of this and that you’re doing it, how does it feel? How does it feel to be in a position where The Summer Set can do these things again?
“I’m more excited than I even thought I was capable of. I have different gratitude than I used to. I feel like I have a second chance at appreciating what we had in the first place. With the last couple of years of touring and the last album cycle, I fell into a rut. I was tired, and I wasn’t very grateful anymore. If there’s anything that I’ve picked up from being locked up in the middle of the desert in Arizona for the last year is being excited to go and see different cities again. I was sure I had seen certain places for the last time. We used to go to the UK three times a year. I haven’t been in four or five. I now know I will be back next year. I will see cities that I had very much put to bed in my head. Now we’re going to go. I’m going to keep my eyes open that little bit wider and take a look around a little bit more.”

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