Top 5 Moments at the 2021 Premios de la Radio

From tributes to some of Mexico’s greatest artists to heartfelt speeches, the 2021 Premios de la Radio ceremony was filled with head-turning moments.

Taking place Wednesday night (Nov. 10) at Mexico City’s Foro Expo Santa Fe with a star-studded lineup of presenters, performers and nominees, regional Mexican music exponents reunited to recognize and honor the best in Regional Mexican music.

The nearly four-hour show featured epic performances by Grupo Firme, who was the biggest winner of the night taking home a total of five awards, Ángela Aguilar, El Fantasma, Carin Leon, Gerardo Ortiz, Ana Bárbara, Natalia Jiménez, Joss Favela and Pepe Aguilar.

Below, find the top five moments at the 2021 Premios de la Radio.

Grupo Firme’s medley

Grupo Firme, Carin Leon and Lenin Ramírez set the bar high when they kicked off the show with a medley singing chart-topping hits “El Tóxico,” “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo” and “En Tu Perra Vida.” The performance kicked off with Firme and Leon who took the stage to sing the anthem “El Tóxico,” which peaked at No. 9 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart (dated Aug. 20). Then, as Leon left the stage, Ramírez joined Firme to sing “Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo,” winner of the collaboration of the year category, followed by “En Tu Perra Vida.”

Thankful to the new generation

While accepting the award for best banda of the year, Banda MS’ Oswaldo Silvas Carreón took advantage of the spotlight to thank the new generation of regional Mexican artists who are contributing to the genre’s growth. “We’re here to celebrate that we’re alive taking circumstances in consideration,” Carreón started the speech. “But we also want to thank the new generation for existing and taking the genre places we never thought we’d conquer. That’s the point, the new generations have to go farther than we did and they’re doing it with pride and dignity.”

Angela Aguilar 

Speaking of the new generation, the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty, Ángela serenaded attendees with an achingly beautiful rendition of “Ahi Donde Me Ven.” Showing off her striking vocals, the 18-year-old artist was accompanied by a mariachi and, toward the end of her set, she was joined by troupe of kid dancers for an epic line-dancing choreography for the closing track “En Realidad.”

Celebrating Mexico’s greatest

Recognizing Aída Cuevas’ 46-year career, Premios de la Radio honored the mariachi singer with tribute to the greatest of Mexico award. After singing a chilling rendition of “El Pastor,” Cuevas was surprised her grandson who joined her onstage to say, “Grandma, congratulations. You deserve this and more,” the toddler said. She then went on to give an emotional speech saying that the genre she chose hasn’t been easy on her. “But I thank God for letting me sing Mexican music. And I dedicate this award to my parents who were the first ones to believe in me, my children, my fans and to all of you here who today made me feel like a queen.”

Then it was Pepe’s turn to take the stage. But before the star took the spotlight, his daughter, Ángela, shared a few words. “Many think that being part of the Aguilar dynasty means fame, fortune and success. But it also means hard work, humility and discipline. I want to introduce a man that has guided me. The man that means everything to me,” she said.

Pepe sang a medley of his classic songs such as “Por Mujeres Como Tu,” “Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti,” “Me Vas A Extrañar,” and “100% Mexicano.” After receiving a standing ovation for his epic performance, he thanked fans and his family for the special recognition.

Tribute to El Charro de de Huentitán 

“He’s been a teacher to all of us here. And he’s our biggest pride,” Ana Bárbara said presenting the last tribute of the night, which was for Vicente Fernández. The vibrant set featured a medley of some of Chente’s most iconic songs such as “Por Tu Maldito Amor” performed by Grupo Firme, “Hermoso Cariño” by Natalia Jiménez and “Volver, Volver” sung by Leonardo Aguilar. The tribute ended with the anthem “El Rey,” which began with Aida Cuevas and ended with all those that were part of the tribute including Carin Leon and Banda MS onstage. They were joined by the audience who couldn’t help but sing along.

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