Track By Track: Andy Martin Lifts the Lid on His Debut Album ‘Reverie’


The debut album from Brisbane-based multi-instrumentalist Andy Martin is here. Reverie comprises ten tracks of forward-moving alt-rock, reminiscent of Tyne-James Organ, Spacey Jane and The Wombats.

Martin worked on the album with producers Aidan Hogg (Holy Holy, G Flip) and Mason Rowley (Late November, Arches), and recorded parts of it at Ian Haug’s Airlock Studios. Here, Martin breaks down the album, track by track.

Andy Martin: ‘Reverie’ – Track By Track

1. At Least You’re Trying

‘At Least You’re Trying’ is a track I wrote when my girlfriend wasn’t having a good time in her job. It’s that constant push and pull when you’re in a job you’re not 100% loving, but you still have to get up and go. It’s a pat on the back for just getting out of bed some days, because life ain’t easy.

2. Reverie

‘Reverie’ is a fabricated love/break-up song. It may touch on personal feelings, but it is really me telling a story from the perspective of another. This is the track I centred the album on as I believe it sparked a new direction for this project.

“Reverie” is defined as being in a dream state, and to be honest, that’s where my brain was when writing most of this album. It felt fitting. Aidan added some sparkle and, voila.

3. Somebody Else

‘Somebody Else’ was one of those choruses that just got stuck in my head. I wrote the track when listening to a lot of Sam Fender and I believe this is an ode to ‘You’re Not the Only One,’ where it really hits when the full band comes in, prior to the second chorus. This song came together in a matter of minutes. The sparkle was added with pretty guitar lines from Jordan Brodie and some dreamy production from Mason Rowley.

4. Mess We Made

‘Mess We Made’ is the definition of a break-up song and was written three years ago now. I believe my project has developed a lot since then, but this was the song that really helped fuel my passion for music again. This made me feel validated as a songwriter and I really have such a soft spot for this song. ‘Mess We Made’ was my first triple j play and a lot of cool things have happened because of it.

Andy Martin – ‘Mess We Made’

5. With You

I love this song. It’s the life cycle of a relationship. I wrote the chorus of this in my head on a drive home and went home and it came together in a matter of minutes. The first verse is a reflection on being okay with being alone. The pre-chorus references conversations with friends and the way that society tries to tell you that being along is bad. The chorus is a bit of a play on words where it’s both self reflection and also that feeling of falling for someone again.

6. Dreamworld

‘Dreamworld’ is a letter I wrote to myself when I wasn’t feeling okay. I think the hook at the end – “It’s been about a year since I got back on my feet / I’m alright” – is one of my favourite lyrics. Tying it back to the concept of Reverie, it kind of optimises being in that dream state where you are not fully conscious.

7. Not That Easy

This is when I was fully depressed in the first trimester of Covid. There were days where I would just lay on the floor in my room and not move. I wasn’t necessarily getting the support I needed from friends, family, work; all of the above really. It was quite a sad and depressing time for me and the only thing I could do was write this song.

8. I’m Used to This

Banger alert. I was listening to a lot of Spacey Jane and Sam Fender and this was just one of those songs that came together in a matter of minutes. It’s clean, easy listening, melodic and cinematic. I want people to close their eyes when listening to this song. Having a single that goes for five minutes is pretty silly from an industry perspective, but the extended outro was always thought out with the idea of it being on an album.

9. Heat of it All

This song came together over about two to three years before I released it as a single. I wrote the chorus after a breakup in 2018. I was trying to play it cool, but I am really not cool. I am a bit of an emotional person and I put that into words on this song. So, essentially this is a breakup song.

10. Don’t Go Without Me

It was only fitting to have a horn-feature song on the album. This is where I started my career in the music industry and I think it’s nice for people to hear my softer side. I was listening to a weird mixture of Australian bands like Powderfinger and neo-soul artists like Moonchild at the time and I think you can hear those influences in the music with the melody in the vocals and the chord progressions. Weird combo but I love it.

It was also really fitting to close out the album with this song. The album meanders through heartache, mental health issues, comedic relief, growing up in your twenties and so much more. The bones for this began years ago and over the past year or so it has really come together.

Andy Martin – ‘Dreamworld’

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