Track Of The Day 28/10 – Lex Amor


Lex Amor seems to experience life on a very intimate level.

An artist whose work is both intricate and direct, her creative dynamic fuses together disparate underground strands to find soulful expression.

Debut project ‘Government Tropicana’ dealt with identity through a very personal lens, exploring the experiences of working class London while celebrating different cultural norms.

For her next chapter, Lex Amor is attempting to distill various currents that have touched our lives over the past two years.

New single ‘Rocks’ is spartan but intense, the ominous Mike Keyz produced beat providing space for Lex Amor’s poetic penmanship.

The Tyrus-directed visual – shot in Lex Amor’s trademark monochrome – seems to allow the framework of her lyricism to become ever more apparent.

She comments…

“With ‘Rocks’ we were essentially trying to illustrate the constant juxtaposition of our everyday. The reality of authority, dogma, societal pressure and our sometimes subconscious adherence to those norms; as well as our ability as humans and guardians of the earth to break out into our own dreams and freedoms.”

“We are all living, breathing testaments of individual choice and freedom – there is a constant need – possibly now more than ever – to commit to our own personal freedoms and break out of structures that were not created for our souls to flourish – that’s why in the video there are moments of of almost demented adherence, and then breakouts – into hope, dreams and liberty.”

Tune in now.

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