Trash Boat Release New Version Of ‘Alpha Omega’, Chaotically Remixed By Strange Bones


Trash Boat are celebrating a year of ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’ in style.

Trash Boat

released their latest full-length ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing’, a fascinating, fresh and fiercely confident offering, a year ago.

And after 365 days of it getting under as many people’s skin as possible, it’s time to celebrate. 

And they have done that by joining forces with Strange Bones

The focus is ‘Alpha Omega’, a song that also features Kamiyada+, which has been remixed in the sort of chaotic way that SB could.

Savage drum and bass licks, discordant feedback and plenty of raw punk energy, it’s a fucking rager to say the least. 

Get your ears around it:

And here’s the original:

And for an extra treat, here’s the album’s delicious title track:

Strange Bones recently teamed up with Death Blooms for a new track as well, which is also a rager.

This is ’25 THOUSAND VOLTS’:

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