Underscore Part 3 to host industry interviews in aid of CALM and Save Our Venues


With a global pandemic adding to the already extremely difficult task of actually making a financially viable career in music Underscore Part 3 is lifting the lid and de-bunking the myths with its AAA Industry Interviews later this month.

From July 6th to July 17th, you can tune in live at 8pm each week night as industry nerd and founder of Underscore Part 3 James Wadsworth asks the questions you want to know with those who started their lives dreaming of making music their life, and have succeeded.

James will be speaking with international musician Frank Turner, AF Gang Founder and music photojournalist Lindsay Melbourne, Campaign coordinator for #SaveOurVenues & manager at The Green Door Store music venue Toni-Coe Brooker, Rough Trade sound engineer Nick Meadows and many more special guests.

Each guest will use their knowledge to spotlight some insider facts and tips on their area of expertise from management to createing videos.

Throughout July, Underscore Part 3 are raising funds for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Music Venue Trust’s Save Our Venues campaign. Both areas have shone an important light on struggles the world has seen in 2020, and are proud to support both causes.

ICM proudly supports the #SaveOurVenues campaign

Host James Wadsworth said of the events: “As an editor and a freelance PR I often see bands unable to achieve their potential because they don’t understand the industry and this is what we hope to help them grasp.”

The events form part of a three-week celebration coordinated and run by Underscore Part 3 and WFM Blog. The final week of events will be announced soon. Follow Underscore Part 3 by searching their full name on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

On how to donate, each night their Instagram link will be changed to the donations link. Due to raising for two charities, the event is being verified by JustGiving. A link will be shared when it’s available.

Link to the source article: https://www.indiecentralmusic.com/underscore-part-3-to-host-industry-interviews-in-aid-of-calm-and-save-our-venues/


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