Watch Cardi B Get Starstruck Meeting Robert Pattinson: ‘Look at My Friend, Guys’

Cardi B is a superstar in her own right, but despite having an illustrious rap career, she still gets starstruck around some of her favorite celebrities. On Saturday, the “WAP” rapper posted a video of her freaking out over her most recent celebrity encounter: Robert Pattinson.

“Come on, look at my friend, guys,” Cardi says in the video before panning over to the Twilight heartthrob and star of the upcoming movie The Batman. The rapper let out a scream of excitement as he appeared in the shot with her.

“Look at who I met the other day !  I Felt like a teen !” she captioned the Twitter post.

This is just one of Cardi’s most recent exciting encounters with other famous people. The rapper was delighted when You and former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley appeared on a live panel and shared his appreciation for Cardi and her authentic social media presence. Upon seeing the video, Cardi excitedly tweeted, “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!!OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous.”

Badgley responded with a simple “I-” to express his disbelief.

Since then, Cardi and Badgley have swapped their Twitter icons to pictures of each other, and the team at You sent Cardi her very own Joe Goldberg stalker hat. Pattinson has not made any comment on Cardi’s video and does not have any public social media accounts, but he did tell W magazine in 2020 that he has a private Twitter account.

Cardi is currently working on new music and is set to host the 2021 American Music Awards on Nov. 21. See Cardi’s tweet below.

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