WATCH: Don Broco’s Cinematically Bonkers Video For ‘Bruce Willis’


Yippe Ki Yay, indeed.

Be honest, when you saw that there was a song on the new Don Broco album called ‘Bruce Willis’, you knew it was going to be a belter.

And you were right, as the band delivered a bizarre and brutal banger, full of huge hooks and furious riffs.

And then, of course, the music video is just as mad.

Finding the band placing themselves in some of Bruce’s biggest films, and even his short run on Friends, it’s a homage to the man himself in a way that only Broco could.

Here it is:

I see Don Broco. Come on, that’s ace.

The track appears on the band’s brand new album ‘Amazing Things’ which has just dropped via SharpTone Records.

Here’s their Power Rangers celebration alongside the huge ‘Endorphins’:

The band spoke to us all about the album for a special edition of Rock Sound, which you can pick up right now over HERE

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