Watch: The National Welcome David Letterman on the ‘Late Show’


Photo by Josh Goleman

On Monday night, David Letterman returned to The Late Show for the first time since he said farewell back in 2015. The bearded icon’s reentry was celebrated with a musical embrace from The National, who delivered a poignant rendition of their song “Space Invader.”

The National’s Matt Berninger took center stage to perform the single from their latest album, Laugh Track in front of a backdrop comprised of images of New York in motion featured in the song’s music video. Sonically the ensemble–once referred to by Letterman as “your saddest friend’s favorite band”–climbed using both the emotive lyrics and the grinding instrumentation as step ladders, reaching overwhelming heights.

In a conversation with host Stephen Colbert before the musical interlude, Letterman expressed his gratitude for the second occurrence of such a heartfelt moment on his show. He fondly recalled the Foo Fighters’ memorable appearance on his final episode of the Late Show and revealed that, initially, he had suggested The National as the musical guest for the night. However, he learned Foo Fighters were on tour. To his surprise, the band rearranged their schedule to make a special appearance on his anticipated return. Letterman humorously remarked, “Because for a band, TV money is really more interesting,” expressing his genuine appreciation for the gesture.

Watch the performance and conversation below.

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